Jessica Manicure and Pedicure

In our beauty salon here at Wolf's we use and recommend the 'Jessica' nails treatment range. The products are designed to treat specific nail types and problems. Just as your hair is normal, dry, oily or damaged so are your nails. Through regular use, Jessica products have shown great improvements in our client's nails. We would like you to share this experience. Why not book a manicure with us during which we will prescribe the products for you to use at home.

We use Jessica and 'Thai' manicure/pedicure products
and treatments

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Spray Tan ONLY £22
Luxury treatment Manicure (1 hour)Q
Mini Manicure (half hour)
Luxury treatment Pedicure (1 hour)Q
Mini Pedicure (half hour)
Quick file and re-polish((((((((
£ 9.75
Removal of Acrylicls (Charged per half hour of work)
24 Hours of cancellation is required or a charge may be made